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Cold Hearted Bastard

By Jennifer Dawson

  • Genre: Contemporary, Books, Romance
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Meet Jackson McKay… 

There’s only one thing you need to know about me. I’m a cold hearted bastard that will never love you the way you deserve. And I’m sorry to say, bastard beats nice guy, every time. 

I never lie.  Never deceive. I lay out exactly what will happen. My only promise is that I’m a one-night stand. That this is will be our first and last time together.  Then I stand back and let them walk. But they never do.  Because they all want to believe they will be the one to change me.   

And, Gwen Johnson, the woman that will be his demise… 

There’s only one thing you need to know about me.  What I want, I get.  End of story.  I didn’t come to own one of the best restaurants in the city of Chicago before the age of thirty by taking no for an answer. And what I want is for this cold hearted bastard, and culinary genius, to work for me. I don’t care how difficult he is.   I’m going to figure out what makes him tick, what he needs most, and then I’m going to go in for the kill.  

The way I see it, you either own it, or it owns you… 


  • Emotional and Unexpected

    By Poetriot
    This book appears to be just about a strong willed woman and man who want each other sexually and are expected to combust when they come together, but the more you read, the story about a man and woman who intend to use each other, becomes so much more. Each character has so much more depth and layers than you expect and knocks you off your feet. It is like traveling down a tunnel with many twists and turns and you never know what to expect when you get out. jennifer Dawson succeeds in making you feel deeply for these characters and hungry for more.

    By Lara Blanton
    I L*O*V*E*D this book! The characters were amazing and I experienced every emotion while reading which is seriously hard to accomplish, let alone accomplish well! Gwen getting her story out there has been well worth the wait!! Should be noted that this is the first book EVER that I have read start to finish in one sitting... It is that good! I cannot wait for the rest of the series now!!!!!!!