Crumbs #005 (02/09/2020)

Crumbs is a frequent personal check-in to record what I’ve been doing, reading, listening to, watching, playing, and writing. It’s not meant to be a formal blog post, or insightful, or useful in any way! It’s a personal drop to help me find my way back from time to time.

So, I know I’ve been writing that I’ve been feeling crummy in my recent Crumbs.

This week took the cake.

Diagnosed with Flu Type A. Down for the count. Worst sickness in recent memory, and I was already off to a rough start productivity-wise.

Needless to say, nothing to report here. Getting back into the swing of things slowly. Just starting to feel like a human again.

Tom Tate

I'm a suburban polymath living just outside Philadelphia with my wonderful wife and three kids. Digital marketing nerd for a SaaS company by day. Rabid movie, music, game, and book consumer by morning, noon, and night. I share life hacks and learnings via email at Weekly Coffee. I also host Power Time Podcast, a Nintendo retrospective. Sometimes I write stuff. Most of the time, it's on the internet.