More does not equal better

I originally wrote this on LinkedIn…

More ≠ better.

One of my favorite weekly podcasts just started publishing daily. Listening to it once a week was a “no-brainer.” I already carved out the space for it. I knew it was going to be good.

Hitting play required no thinking.

Now I have to pre-filter. Read the episode descriptions. Determine if it’s worth listening. Figure out how I’m going to make extra time. Cut other shows from my playlist.

It’s easier for me to unsubscribe.

Your content demands the attention of your audience. Make it easy to consume, and make sure the value you provide correlates the attention it demands. Don’t make them think about it.

More ≠ better. Find the perfect balance and fit.

Tom Tate

I'm a suburban polymath living just outside Philadelphia with my wonderful wife and three kids. Digital marketing nerd for a SaaS company by day. Rabid movie, music, game, and book consumer by morning, noon, and night. I share life hacks and learnings via email at Weekly Coffee. I also host Power Time Podcast, a Nintendo retrospective. Sometimes I write stuff. Most of the time, it's on the internet.