Neon Genesis Evangelion

Finally finished the acclaimed anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix. Started streaming it so long ago (July of 2019.)

Evangelion was a deep show. It touched on some heavy “meaning of life” topics, explored through the lens of some fairly young characters. The action and plot were solid, but what I really appreciated (as I do with other series like this) was the deeper underlying narrative that the viewer that has to unravel.

To be honest, I’m still unraveling. I’ve got the sequel film queued up and ready to go. After I dig in, I’ll probably scour the web at some point for some interpretations on what was actually going on.

As an aside, just like when I watched Akira for the first time, it’s always interesting to see how these properties influenced some of my other favorite properties, like Final Fantasy VII.

Tom Tate

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