Make the unconscious conscious

Finished up Atomic Habits by James Clear.

This popular exploration of how to build habits that stick came out a few years ago. I started it when it was released and quickly lost interest. Clearly I didn’t have enough discipline or interest in improving or understanding my habits.

One quote in the book stood out:

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

Carl Jung

I’m not a student of Jung (yet), or super familiar with psychoanalysis (yet), but I’ve felt this play out in my life.

We act with intention, or we act on instinct, and everything else is just is what it is, seemingly with no particular meaning.

I appreciate the idea that one can unearth what drives our actions and determines our “fate.”

In between monumental life decisions and actions that we stop and take notice of, we execute thousands of lesser realized programs or scripts. If Jung’s quote suggested that we need to identify and understand those underlying scripts, I want to learn more!

Tom Tate

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