Crumbs #002 (01/19/2020)

Crumbs is a frequent personal check-in to record what I’ve been doing, reading, listening to, watching, playing, and writing. It’s not meant to be a formal blog post, or insightful, or useful in any way! It’s a personal drop to help me find my way back from time to time.

This was my last week at current job. Tried to finish the week out strong, doing a ton of documentation and wrapping up some final projects that were in flight.

I listened to James Clear’s Atomic Habits, a book I purchased when it was released in 2018, but never finished! I still intend to read it and drop a book note on the blog after taking notes from the physical copy.

Also listened to a noteworthy podcast episode: Noah Kagan’s conversation with Ryan Holiday. I’m fascinated by Holiday’s work, and his ability to popularize ancient philosophy. 🙂

Finished a few things: read Measure What Matters by John Doerr (expect a recap soon,) played Child of Light on Playstation Vita (a game I started in 2017 and put down for a few years,) and watched The Irishman, which I thought was one of Scorsese’s best.

Watching Schitt’s Creek and looking forward to the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm!

Been trying to sustain creativity this week. Picked up a new interface for my guitar, but dealt with feedback and lag when trying to set it up. Good reminder that sometimes technology can get in the way of creation.

Still writing. Plugged away at this blog, and hoping to bring back a newsletter soon. Working on my project, and looking at reading/listening to more fiction to get back into that headspace.

Fighting off a bad head cold, so off to bed early (I hope.) Starting a new job tomorrow.

Tom Tate

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