Short Stints

Wrapped up a “short stint” this week.

I entered a role in 2019 with the desire to stick around fit the long-term. In reality, the opportunity wasn’t a good fit.

I could have spent years trying to fit a square peg into a round hole… push the boulder up the hill.

Short stints can feel like an insignificant footnote, or a smudge on an otherwise meaningful list of work experience. But I have no intentions of letting this one become a clerical error.

The list of things I’ve learned in just 10 months rivals that of previous jobs I’ve held. The relationships I’ve formed were solid. Most importantly, I’ve explored aspects of myself that I would have otherwise left untapped.

Short stints can be good, for all parties involved. Just make it so.

Tom Tate

I'm a suburban polymath living just outside Philadelphia with my wonderful wife and three kids. Digital marketing nerd for a SaaS company by day. Rabid movie, music, game, and book consumer by morning, noon, and night. I share life hacks and learnings via email at Weekly Coffee. I also host Power Time Podcast, a Nintendo retrospective. Sometimes I write stuff. Most of the time, it's on the internet.