Trade shows

Few things coax me to waste my time and money. I’m typically a rational and thrifty person.

The exemption to this are trade shows. In January, NAMM is my jam, and in June, I follow the E3 Expo.

I grew up playing guitars and video games, and engaged with a ton of tech surrounding both industries over the years. It’s fascinating to see how far things have come.

When I started playing, huge amps, giant effects pedal boards, and clunky tape recorders were standard and coveted. To be an electric guitar player, you needed to sacrifice your space. The trend now is micro. Tiny USB-C interfaces that let you plug directly into your phone or laptop, or full 75-watt amps packed into a pedal-sized chassis.

Less weight, less space, big sounds.

The evolution of the tech and trends is fascinating to watch. Great for the industry, not so much for my wallet. 🙂

Tom Tate

I'm a suburban polymath living just outside Philadelphia with my wonderful wife and three kids. Digital marketing nerd for a SaaS company by day. Rabid movie, music, game, and book consumer by morning, noon, and night. I share life hacks and learnings via email at Weekly Coffee. I also host Power Time Podcast, a Nintendo retrospective. Sometimes I write stuff. Most of the time, it's on the internet.