Showing Up

I began 2020 intending to write every day.

On the first Friday (…yesterday,) I told myself, “Maybe just Monday through Thursday.” Weekends are unpredictable. My kids zap my energy. I’d rather indulge in leisure to rest and recover.

I justified not showing up.

This has been a challenge for me year after year. Showing up, and showing up consistently over time.

So, here I am on Saturday, showing up. I’ll write twice today, and maybe even twice tomorrow.

At the end of 2020, I’m hoping this blog will be a testament to progress.

Tom Tate

I'm a suburban polymath living just outside Philadelphia with my wonderful wife and three kids. Digital marketing nerd for a SaaS company by day. Rabid movie, music, game, and book consumer by morning, noon, and night. I share life hacks and learnings via email at Weekly Coffee. I also host Power Time Podcast, a Nintendo retrospective. Sometimes I write stuff. Most of the time, it's on the internet.